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Qualify for a CCW Permit!

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August 6

Our excellent LTC Basic Course meets all of the requirements to qualify for a Missouri ccw permit.

Two Locations - Central and Southwest Missouri

One-day/8-hour classes in the Columbia and Branson/Springfield areas.

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Missouri Concealed-Carry and Self-Defense Law
Video Training Resource for MO Firearms Instructors, CCW Permit Holders, and Gun Owners

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Information on the New Permitless Concealed Carry Law

Have questions about the new Permitless CCW law passed with SB 656?

Here are the answers!

The first is a Permit/Permitless comparison sheet.
The other highlights a number of changes in the law, with a special focus on Permitless Concealed Carry.

Feel free to print and distribute!

Fight Holster Discrimination with our
FREE "No Guns, No Money" Cards

Different Styles!
Free 'No Guns, No Money' cards

Ready-to-print PDF files for making one or two-sided business cards.
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US Map of concealed-carry reciprocity with Missouri:


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Check the map before traveling out of state!

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